How Many Can You Do?

Scientists have identified what they think could be a simple, practical test to predict people’s heart health, and it’s about as quick as saying, “Drop and give me 40”.

A study found that middle-aged men who could do ≥ 40 push-ups ✔️ had a 96% ⬇️ lower risk, compared those who could do ❌ <10 👎👎👎.

In a new study led by Harvard University, researchers found that men’s ability to do more than 40 push-ups was linked with significantly reduced risk of serious heart problems over the next 10 years – in some cases slashing risk by as much as 96 percent.

It’s no surprise that the benefits of having a stronger upper body are linked to living longer, and we know.

We look good and FEEL good! This research is a reminder that we need to keep ourselves in check, and it’s why I developed the Fat Bloke Test.

Take the Fat Bloke Test 

Find Your ‘Health Age’ In 3 Tests

Check out the Fat Bloke Test link below, do the test and see how you compare against other men the same age as you and get a ‘snapshot’ of your health age.
It’s also a good reminder, why you should never skip ‘Chest Day’!

Take the test 👇👇👇👇👇 which includes waistline, alcohol consumption and maximum push-ups.

The research also found that measuring push-up capacity was more strongly associated with cardiovascular disease risk than the results of submaximal treadmill tests. This is useful to predict health problems such as; heart attacks and developing coronary artery disease, with such a simple, universal test – and with what looks to be greater accuracy than expensive equipment like treadmills.

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