Read the findings in a report on the MEN’S HEALTH survey from 51 men earlier this year to find out about what makes them tick and ticked off, thanks, men. You’ll also learn 5 Tips to Avoid Stumbling Blocks that embrace tech and 5 Simple coaching tips to Set Yourself Up for An EPIC 2017.

Men’s Health Research

A total of 51 males aged between 35-64yrs completed a survey to help me further understand how men deal with their health and what are the effects of neglect.


87% were employed, working full-time

43% are married

18% of men would exercise 2 to 4 days a week with the committed few 27.45% (5 to 7 days a week) getting the recommended daily dose.

Questions 4-10 responses





The obvious sign of age and lifestyle i.e. How do you feel?

Responses varied, though the common thread was that most men “felt buggered”. Responses include;

Struggled with weight and eating plan, high stress, feeling flat, can’t find the time or the exercise, weight gain and general loss of fitness, joints deteriorating, more grey, sleepy, lethargic, and tired for kids, slower and stiffer, tired, bring work home, poor vision, poor flexibility, and lack of sexual energy.





What happens when you neglect your health and how does this affect your performance?

We can all guess the signs of NOT having a routine, goal, and results but here are some that you might want to show your other half.

Easily tired, unmotivated, lose weight and energy, flat, lose condition, not as alert or motivated, poorer food choices, get hurt playing sport, unmotivated, fear of injury and falls, lack of energy for work and not helpful at home, low self-esteem, poor attitude in general, mental dullness, not sharp, less energy and enthusiasm to work colleagues, poor client engagement, effects emotional and spiritual fitness, snowball effect, get cranky, drink more, less patients with kids, everything crashes, business starts to crack, depressed state, tired easy and irritable.





Some things that can help combat and overcome these health issues?

What they did/do includes;

Structured exercise with friends, exercise sleep meditation, regular weekly schedule with family, adventures, set it into work schedule, diet and nutrition change, meditation, getting outside, riding bike, family recreational activities – shared experiences, gym, incidental jobs at home, active commute to work; walk or ride to & from work, have someone hold me to my decisions (PT), eat healthy, set a goal or challenge, improve sleep patterns, start early, set a goal, buddy up, goal set, new music, surf, CrossFit, weights, boxing, running and yoga.





What aspect of your life would you choose to address at a 3-5-day camp?

The most popular response was a focus on Mind Body – Enhance health and reduce stress. Second was Fitness Coaching – Customised fitness program for short-term aesthetic and performance goals followed closely by Nutritional – Increase energy, improve health and decrease dependence on medications

Men’s Health Camp, which location would best suit you?

Beach – Northern Beaches NSW (OH I wonder why?)

Best time of year to take time off?

Anytime (62.22%) or School Holidays (28.89%)

5 Tips to Avoid Stumbling Blocks?

Here are my 5 top tips to embrace the changing world and give your normal ‘get fit’ routine a facelift.

  1. Embrace Digital Health: Use Apps, Wearables, Social media, Big data and analytics is a way to prevention says EYGM Limited paper on health in the future. Get onto whatever button, device or bell that prompt you to move enough, eat the right food, get the right dose of sleep, water and work/life integration to warrant that extra wine or the naughty junk food.
  2. Choose A Modern DR: Seek GP’s that embrace and use implicit algorithms and real-life feedback (e.g. from your wearables) from you to provide adequate quantitative data to treat and refer to like-minded Allied Health Professionals (AHP) and give you the best chance of living on past 100.
  3. Activity for Fitness’s Sake: Seek an experience that are functional and that meets your personal goals – weight control, arthritis, stress reduction, improving specific body parts, building sport or lifestyle skills, or achieving life-stage goals like reducing the effects of ageing.
  4. Play Drives Your Activity: The motivation here is having an enjoyable experience, with movement and exercise as (possibly unconscious) by-products. Choose activities which have blends of a game, sport and dance fitness and activity that are driven by fun, pleasure and sociability – not by effort and hard work.
  5. Get Your Training Advice Online: By enlisting the services of an online fitness coach you have complete freedom over your workout time and location, this way you don’t have to worry about syncing schedules with your trainer or fitting the gym around an ever changing work day. Best part is that is is much less $$$

What Steve Has In The PIPELINE 2018?

I am working on a program that will address these issues and give you the tools and strategies to overcome these challenges. Details of this camp will be announced in the new year.

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