EVERYONE, please note that December is a great time for strategically setting yourself up for the highest levels of success in January (and beyond). You may be taking a holiday or in the middle of reassessing your goals for the new year.

In the most simple terms, those who coast into the New Year are those who lose in the New Year.

As many of you know, I played in over 200 first grade and rep games in rugby union and boxed for over 10 years. I have a saying which goes something like this – “If you are not fit, you WILL get hurt.” I am 41 years old now and pride myself on being prepared all year round. HOWEVER, January suits me to set RE-START all my goals.

NOW is the time to strategically set yourself up for the most epic 2018 possible – HERE’S HOW


Find what worked and didn’t work to customise a plan. During the next 48 hours, reflect on what made you happy, what worked in business, who is valued in your life and what lessons can be learned from each experience. Write down, or type up your key lessons (good and bad) from 2017. Spend some time thinking it over.  Eliminate anything (or anyone) who doesn’t add value to your life. Make it cut and dry. Enhance the things that worked well. Carry them into 2018.

  1. CREATE a plan in the next 2 days (BEFORE 12 PM 31st Dec), for a fun, rewarding, successful and enriching 2018.
  2. BREAK DOWN each area of your life into categories of focus.
  3. For me, I divide my life into the following categories: Health (H), Business (B), Home/Family (HF), Finance/Investments (FI), Lifestyle/Travel (LT) Spirituality/Philanthropy (SP)
  4. PICK 2 BIG and challenging goals for each category.  Your outcome goal is to make both in each category a reality for 2018.
  5. CHOOSE one reward for reaching your goals.
  6. PERSONALISE and complete 2 things to do each day of the week, which lead you towards your larger annual goals.

…. that’s what it takes to make 2018 far better than 2017.

Contact me if you want help,


Steve Roberts